Art and Culture in America

By | June 6, 2023

The great thing about many cities around the country is that a lot of them are starting to adopt a culture that is really based around art of all kinds. This is a great thing because so much of our culture really has in the past been based around sculpture and painting and architecture to name a few. It only makes sense that moving forward that we start to look at art as a central tenet of our system as a whole.

If we start to look at what societies are doing around the globe then it only seems to make sense that many of them are moving to a system that is based around art galleries and art museums, as well as architecture firms, opera houses, ballet and dance theater, and so forth. It’s hard to debate with the fact that many people gain a great deal of pleasure from art and architecture and sculpture. We can talk about things like photography and painting and impact that they have on your typical citizen but I think it’s redundant to even bring it up, it’s just so apparent that people are passionate about art that it only makes sense to have a culture that is largely based around art.

The greatest civilizations in history have been cultures that have been based largely around artistic endeavors. If you look at ancient Greece or ancient Rome, renaissance Italy, or even in large part America in the modern era, you are going to be talking about cultures that are greatly influenced by art. What would have happened in renaissance Italy if minds like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci weren’t around, or if they weren’t allowed to flourish to their utmost potential and development? Certainly the renaissance would not have been a pinnacle of human achievement as we know it was. It is only because of families like the Medici that were taking a great interest in the arts that we had all these great artists creating amazing works of art that have come down to us through the ages and fill our art museums to this very day.

With these thoughts in mind we should all strive to develop a culture that is based largely on arts and artistic merit. There’s so much historical basis to go on that it only seems to make sense that we should strive to have a culture that is really focused on exactly that, culture.