Combination Skin – How to Care For Skin That Does it All, Part Two – Cleansing

By | June 5, 2023

In part one of this series on Combination Skin, I gave a general overview. Now I will discuss specifically the issue of Cleansing your skin.

For Combination Skin, I advocate having two and quite possibly three different types of cleansers. This way, your skin doesn’t get too used to just one, plus you can address whatever issue you may be experiencing more of right away and correctly instead of using something inappropriate.

Foaming Cleansers, sometimes called Gel Cleansers, are terrific for getting rid of excess oils and/or makeup. Never, ever buy a foamy facial cleanser that contains sodium lauryl sulphate. These will strip your skin bare of any protective oils and make it produce even more oil. Look for professional natural and organic skin care lines that can only be sold through skin care professionals. The best brands use only natural and herb based surfactants (foaming agents) and are non-drying. Most people with combination skin can use a foaming cleanser five or six times a week.

Exfoliating Cleansers are great for keeping in the shower. You can give yourself a minute long facial massage (great for oxygenating the complexion) as you gently exfoliate your skin, removing impurities from your pores. While you move your fingers in a circular motion, turn your back to the shower and let it beat on your shoulders. This is a double treat as you get both a facial massage and mini shoulder massage. The exfoliant washes off easily and quickly in the shower. Most people with combination skin can use an exfoliating cleanser four to six times a week. Exfoliating cleansers reduce the incidence of blackheads. It is beneficial to massage problem areas a bit longer.

Creamy Cleansers are perfect for those days when you feel your skin to be a bit drier than usual. They keep the skin moist and dewy. If you fly or swim, or are in artificial heat a lot, you need a creamy cleanser. They are the easiest to remove, so using a creamy cleanser at night over the sink is a quick process. Splash your face with luke-warm water eleven times to remove. Creamy cleansers should be used once daily, supplemented by an exfoliating cleanser or foaming cleanser.

You need to make sure you completely and totally remove any cleanser you use. You can splash it off with luke-warm water. A makeup artist once told me the magic number of splashes is eleven, so that’s what I’ve always done and it works! Or, you can use a very soft washcloth or facial mitt to remove the cleanser. Or, of course, shower it off.

Sometimes it is possible to find an exfoliating cleanser that also foams: Two examples are Exfoliating Gel Wash


Example of Cream Exfoliating Wash

Thanks for reading. Look for Part Three on Toning