Who Wants To Go To Culinary School?

By | May 21, 2023

The biggest problem I have cooking is deciding to use gas or electric stoves. Cooking time varies from one to the next. Yeah, sure this is a concern for me…the culinary maestro, the super chef, the lord of the cookies. I prefer a gas oven to bake my superbly famous chocolate chip cookies.

All bakers have a secret, and mine is that I use a gas oven to bake my cookies. Not only that but I use the Nestle Tollhouse recipe on the back of the morsels bag. The culinary art in this is that I switched out one crucial ingredient. I use imitation rum instead of vanilla.

Sure, these are interesting questions that usually get answered by word of mouth. But wouldn’t it be nice to be trained and told exactly why one technique over another should be used? If you have a passion for cooking and the culinary arts, why not explore the idea of attending college for culinary arts?

Participating in a culinary arts program puts you in touch with big-name chefs who may have cooked for some of the most famous restaurants and resorts around the world. Who knows what big shot chef me may run elbows with while attending school.

There are plenty of options and a number of field to participate in, such as baking and pastry, hospitality management to name a few. Just look around the Internet and see for yourself. You can even earn a degree online…from the comfort of your own kitchen.